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11 Ways to Make Distribution Special

Jeff Moffitt

Creative Accounts Manager for Jostens Jeff Moffitt, MJE, advised the award-winning Torch yearbook and Oracle newspaper at Olympia High School in Orlando, FL for 11 years. JEA named him a Special Recognition Yearbook Adviser in 2010 and a Rising Star in 2006.

The book is finished, but the year isn’t over yet. There is still a book to distribute. A yearbook’s arrival should be a celebrated event.
Create staff shirts related to the theme or cover to wear during the distribution event.
Generate excitement about your book’s arrival with a countdown to distribution on school announcements, TV and visually throughout the school.
Plan a yearbook signing party at distribution. Have music, slides of yearbook photos and decorations related to the theme. Some schools even sell tickets to their signing party to make some extra cash and allow students a chance to pick up their book before actual distribution.
Send students reminder notices before your distribution event that tells them where and when to pick up their book. Some students (especially freshman boys) don’t realize their mom ordered them a book.
About a week before distribution, post a list of all yearbook buyers. Spread the word that students need to check the list to be sure they ordered a yearbook. If their name is not on the lost and they think it should be, they need to notify the yearbook staff. This will keep you from having to drop everything during distribution to solve a problem.
At distribution, earn extra money by opening a yearbook “boutique.” Sell accessories like autograph pages, plastic covers and permanent markers for autograph signing.
Divide the buyers list into sections by alphabet and set up lines for each section to make distribution easier.
Have a separate line for people buying the book at the event. This will help keep the money in one secure location.
Consider including a “Distribution Letter” with your book, reminding students how much work goes into creating a yearbook. A sample can be found in the Digital Classroom on Yearbook Avenue.
Advisers, don’t answer the phone for 24 hours after distribution. Let all calls go to voicemail. This allows you to avoid reacting to an angry parent and gives you time to research problems and generate solutions. People are usually a little easier to deal with once they have calmed down.
Remember, personalized books will be shipped in different boxes. Consider creating a separate line for students to pick up their personalized books.