Celebrating the Teachers

Jason Kaiser

Associate Marketing Manager, Jostens
Jason works with various print, digital and social initiatives bringing content to life through Yearbook Love, the Digital Classroom and more. A former yearbook adviser, Jason has worked with scholastic journalism for more than eight years.

Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner (May 1–5). This is an opportunity for yearbook staffs to appreciate all the teachers who have impacted the yearbook program. Planning the week and doing the activities are great things to do if the book is finished. Use some of these ideas to build bridges and strengthen relationships with the faculty, staff and admin in your building.

Here is a schedule of things the yearbook staff could do each day:

MONDAY // Yearbook staff members write a personal thank you note to a coach or administrator who has helped them complete a deadline.

TUESDAY // Students will deliver a highlighter to every teacher in the school with an attached note that says: You brighten our day. We appreciate you! Take a look at this.

WEDNESDAY //  A mint or mint flavored tic-tacs placed in every faculty and staff mailbox with a note: You & Teaching: It was mint to be. Thank you for all you do! Take a look at this.

THURSDAY //  Every staff member fills out a sheet of appreciation bookmarks and delivers them.

FRIDAY // The yearbook staff can host an open house in the journalism room and bring in homemade goodies for the teachers who stop by.

Additional ideas:

  1. Print club and team group pictures and give a copy to the coach or sponsor. Go the extra mile by putting it in a frame. Be sure to include a note and have everyone sign it.
  2. Offer to take photos of teachers interacting with their students so they can put them on their websites.
  3. Put unused sports or club photos on a jump drive and give them to the sponsor
  4. Deliver a package of EXPO markers with a note that says: Thank you for making a mark on education. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.
  5. A ruler with a note: No one measures up to you. Thank you for all you do.
  6. Pay Day Candy Bars with a note that says: I think you deserve an extra pay day, so here’s one on me.
  7. A bag or jar of Starbursts with a STAR TEACHER note attached
  8. A flower with a note: Thank you for making me bloom (this one needs help).

Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING. Try to get your students to do at least one thing during the week that comes from the yearbook staff to show appreciation. Who knows, it just might help the coach find the lost scores. Or help other teachers see that your class is not an easy A.